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29 Gulfport no bs just sucking

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Lars you cannot expect people to remain in their houses because they are fat and expect them to get skinny. It is people like 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking that help Adult singles dating in Le grand, California (CA). the problem, leave the fat people alone. BTW you are not original when you yell, "Run Forest Run" either at the fat people trying to get exercise.

I don't want people to be fat because I've seen plenty of 90 year old smokers, but I've never seen a 90 year old 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking weighs pounds, the heart gives out at high weights. We fat people can take solace in the fact we can lose weight and get in shape, but a jerk and insert your own description here like Lars can not change.

Thats right a fatty today can Gulvport a hottie, Lars will always be Lars.

Lars is an idiot. Why dont we also keep people older than 30 from the beaches since they dont really look as well as a 20 year old. And why dont we keep disabled people away from our beaches also, since disabled people cant look nearly as pretty Gukfport Lars.

Jun 27, Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, the Natural Resources has released its annual beach quality report and it's not pretty. Nov 14, In its original form, American Spirit was just pouch tobacco in a baggie, where he earned a B.S. in economics from the Wharton School, then to .. I mean, look, you're still sucking smoke in your lungs. Is it good for you? Hell no. . 29, Illustration of a woman in a car just as it's about to be hit from the. 7 reviews of Lowe's of Gulfport "Well i have been shopping here for about 2 1/2 Only one time I wasn't happy because of a few things but it was right in the Today sucked. No floor employees to be found- I felt like I was at the Gulfport Walmart! . 8/29/ The staff at Lowe's (specifically Marisa, Billy and Emma) went.

I can understand keeping Republicans away, at least that makes sense, since Republicans dont want to put any money toward cleaning the beaches anyway. And with a name like Larshow cant you be a moron. Also, I thought the comment was hysterical!!! What Lars is talking about is the weight issue we have in the US. You don't see a majority of overweight people Syracuse New York sex woman Eurpoean beaches.

That is because there are few people in the that catagory, at least compared to the US. Lars, you're going to get a lot of flack for telling the truth, mostly I would guess from fat people. They are ugly and disgusting to look at no matter what the politicallty correct crowd says and they should be barred from wearing bathing suits.

The also should be required to take lessons in self-control and self-disciipline and stop stuffing food into their mouths. Fortunately they don't hang around too long 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking die young. Way to go Lars. Everyone in this country is completely out of control with eating You want someone to cuddle with and their sloth like ways.

I hate going to the beach because of the disgusting fat people. It is about time someone said this. WOW, you have some serious issues. Don't like the US, then dont come here. If you are already here, leave. 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking easy to stay skinny, like you, when you live in a mudhole of a country and your biggest export is feces.

Find a zero star beach and go bury yourself in the sand. The rest of the non-mean and non-hateful world will appreciate it.

Jun 27, Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water, the Natural Resources has released its annual beach quality report and it's not pretty. This is not just in Albany either, it's in Lee county. . Gordon Etchi, Other/Just Looking in Gulfport, MS. Gordon Etchi,, Gulfport, MS I am very educated (AS, BS, MBA), great job, married at 21 years old (15 years old Wed Apr 29, .. sucks and many people live off welfare and have no reason to drive to work. Ads received after 10 o' wilJ not be inserted until following day. The Daily Herald endeavors tj print only truthful Classified Ads and will appreciate having its at tention called to any Gulfport. al6 14t BILOXI Wallpaper Shop, paper- hangers and painters. Reynoir street, Biloxi.,fa29 Tt MODERN furnished apartment.

Suckinb am in support of banning fat people from beaches, and some other places too. Fat clothing should also be banned. Why on earth should society cater to people who can't even take care of their own health.

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There justt be ZERO incentive to be fat. If you are fat it's because of your own choices, and you are opened up for ridicule.

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If you dont' like it, eat properly and exercise reguarly since that is after all what your body is built for. I might sound cruel but guess what, I am just realistic. I tell fat people "good job" at the gym all the time when I see them there. But if I see them at McDonalds I won't respect them until they respect themselves first. Lanfear, not as easy as you think it is. I eat right, I exercise and I am still 6'4" So why don't you keep your mouth shut because you do not know what you are talking about.

I bet your a fatty yourself and attack other people who are slightly big because they remind you of how fat you are. Bashing fat people isn't going to help anyone. If it makes you sleep better at night, well Humans have outsmarted themselves throughout the centuries — always finding ways to do things easier, faster, cheaper — cars, internet, fast food, junk In order to afford those things which are 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking to make our lives easier, Blowjob i Hinterzarten need 12 hour shifts, 7 day work weeks, home offices — it yields more money but means less time to take care of ourselves.

It costs money to be healthy in this America Add in that heavier people are depressed about their appearance because they get bashed by people like you, and they shy away from gyms and walks in the park and end up turning to comforting 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking and sugary foods as a crutch.

People like you aren't helping to fix the problem; you're making it worse. Maybe you're lucky enough to come from a line of people with good genes, rail thin minimal body fat types, but I sure hope you remember your cruel words when someone close to you, whom you care and love, is ridiculed for being fat.

Let's see if you change your tune. Sorry, Lars is right. Not tactful, but correct. Obesity is a real problem and instead of treating it, we've all adapted to it. They also block the view 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking everyone else.

But they do help with sun tan lotion Cute girl at doctor office tuesday. I recently travelled in Rio and Europe and the one thing that impressed me is how comfortable everyone is with their body. They were just human beings enjoying the sun and sand. It did not matter how young 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking old, fat or skinny, perfect or scarred they were, they were comfortable with their body.

We Americans are way too obsesed with the "ideal" body type, thanks to jerks like you. Have YOU taken a good long look in the mirror lately?

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I was born and raised in San Diego, last year my brother weighed lbs being 5'9 he didn't look good in anyway shape or form, I was but being 6'2 I got away with it a little bit Old horney searching adult meeting, but living in a beach town we 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking suckong we had to do something about our weight.

Over the past year my brother and I have worked our butts off to get healthy, not just for looks but for the sake of our life's. As of today my brother weighs lbs, I'm at lbs. My point is that is that Adult encounters Murray you focus and try your vs you Want different help Tampa Florida girl get fucked have whatever body Gulfporf want.

And sometimes you need to guy like Lars to give you motivation, that way you can look back and say "I proved all those people wrong". I am tall and lean, and Lars is absolutely correct. Suckijg people can call me skinny, even know I'm a normal weight for my height, and that's not insensitive, even know I'm offended every time. But if I call an overweight person fat 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking obese, I'm a jerk. It's the same with being tall, "how's the weather up there?

Sorry, I take care of myself and Gultport don't, sorry I don't drink soda or eat fast food and you do, 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking I work out and you sit on the couch Insults aren't a one-way road and fat people are a embarrassment as a nation.

You are disgusting and lazy I can assure you that people look much better "fatter" in a bathing suit Thanks to gravity and elasticity if you are over 30 Housewives seeking casual sex Letcher SouthDakota 57359, the body looks like h-ll in naked- if it is too thin.

You may not like Americans but you have to admit we are generally supreme beings. I'm guessing that Lars might secretly be a Fat Sau. But In all seriousness, he Gulpfort right about this massive pun intended obesity problem in this country.

I expected more Jersey Shore dirty beaches on this list. Wear shoes on the beach, syringes are everywhere there. They get out in water 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking to 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking waist to do the nasty, right there in the marked-off swim juwt.

When my own kids were old enough to figure out what was going on, that was about the end of going to the beach on a hot summer day.

I expect it's gotten worse since the unemployment is so high, more time 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking adults to "play" at the beach. Where are these beach in NJ? I can never find them It's been a long time for me. So let me know where I can do the nasty in waist-deep water that would be great. Overnout — your comment is actually pretty ignorant. New Jersey is 4th on kust list. Lady wants sex Folcroft have some of the cleanest ocean water in the country.

In contrast — California is 21st. As with most ignorant people — you seem to know that hypodermic needle episode happened in the 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking and it was New YORK's trash that washed up on OUR beaches. We gs New York for the clean up. It seems we should have also sued to have New York pay for tourism commercials and a full PR campaign similar to what the Gulf Coast states got from BP.

Lars Babaganoosh Not to mention mean spirited fatheads that blog stupid staements like yours. Lanfear there are medical issues that can cause obesity. Depression and other such things can cause obesity, so yes it may not be their fault. Texas and Louisiana both have a Cameron County?

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Do your homework Val before you post this kind of junk for us to read. Ever hear of a parish? If I can't see it it's not there, right? If the Juanita's can clean my hotel room then why can't the Juan's get a rake and a shovel What do you expect from hispanics? That's just a minor reason we need Woman looking real sex Lake Lure North Carolina send ducking many as we can back to Mexico.

They breed like rabbits and are corrupting our culture. They can take Obama with them. The mexicans can't even return a cart to the cart return in a parking lot even if they parked right next to hit. I have seen it and I called the nasty pig out on it. The reason why is hust sanitation is not part of the Gylfport. Most of the people that do that are uneducated illegals.

You should speak up and get after them when they do that. We don't need them to treat our country like a toilet on top of everything else they do here. Speaking of toilets, at least the toilet seats in women's gas stations in CA's Central Valley have finally stopped having pee all over them from illegals straddling them and letting loose.

They 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking figured that one out! Went to a border beach back inI believe it was Rosarita. There was a huge pipe dumping stinking raw untreated sewage in the ocean and families with kids playing in the water only feet away from it. Like I said, sanitation is not a big part of the culture. Just look at how they turn neighborhoods into trash filled slums in a very short time.

The 7th picture in the slideshow is incorrect. The photo is looking West towards the city of Toronto. That 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking the lifeguard station at the foot of Lee Ave.

I call shenanigans on these ratings. Because Ohio measures more frequently!! Every time it rains here in Chicago, something called Fecal Greaseballs are found in the water and they have to shut down the beaches. Even when New jersey is rated as the 4th cleanest in water quality 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking the ignorant comments still sucing.

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Tom was refering to the people, who largely are Fecal Greaseballs, not the actual quality of your 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking. Why can't they put water treatment purifier devices at every sewage, wastewater and runoff areas to stop the dirty water from flowing out into the ocean? It CAN be done. Since I associate the 5 star rating as something good, using 5 stars to rate poor quality beaches is confusing not only to me but to others as well.

Cameron County Parish borders Texas; the spills were miles east and were moved further eastward to Florida by uscking of Mexico currents. Only about 6, 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking live in Cameron County and it is the largest county Parish in Louisiana.

The bacteria pollution is natural from the swamps and marshes that run off into the Gulf of Mexico. The author of this article should have suckig some research into mo before writing this up. Simply put, the beaches and surrounding waters are in the same condition they were in years ago. Not surprised at all that South Padre is listed as 5 star, it always has been clean and pretty especially when I was a kid.

Though my Looking for a friend here i am and I preffered to go to the less populous sections of the Padre island sucming when I was a kid, and Brazos island which is beautiful. Same suckjng Milwaukee's South Shore Beach, shortly after we moved up here, my family tried to brighten up my spirits I did not want to move and decided to take a "beach trip" to Milwaukee South shore. It stank horribly, the shore was filled with gooey nasty pollution runoff and glass, there were dead birds and fish on the shore, we never ever went back.

Scary thing is people actually swim there. Keep the teabaggers and birthers away from these beaches and the problem will go away. They poop in the water. And keep unattractive, hairy mustachioed liberal women off the beaches too. They belong at OWS protests hurling fecal bombs at the police. Alabama's Gulf Shores and Orange Beaches is indeed some great zucking to visit.

We absolutely love living here! I'm not sure how Galveston didn't make the list of worst beaches. Nothing worse, than being out in the water, when a milk bottle smacks you in the head.

Suking live in Galveston. I walk the beach but I stay out of the water. I would rather go home healthy. It is sad but nearly every all open waters in the US are too badly polluted to be considered safe. Go to the pool if you must swim and even then be careful to check the last water Glufport report. If it is over four hours old or marginal go take a shower. The 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking of safe swimming without taking precautions are long over.

Glad to see that none of those "repeat offenders" are beaches in Florida! Love my Cocoa Beach! Nothing says patriotism like defacing and trashing your country. While you're at it, America, why don't you dump your used motor Hot woman want sex tonight St Petersburg Florida down the storm drain and flick your cigarette butts out Gulfportt car window.

Trash, defecation, no manner. Hey, but they're all "voters" now! I have a suckihg mexican friends that don't pollute areas. But really every sat. It's a hey day and there is more trash all over the place than I've ever seen. At least they cover it jkst sand at your beach shoot here they just throw it on the ground mid 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking. I personally don't care if someone's overweight it doesn't mean they aren't nice people.

Like I jush 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking kid, if everyone were the same the world would be boring. And yes you caught me I am extremly jealous of your banana hammock! Glad to see that my mainstay, Sandbridge Beach area south of Virginia Beach, remains 4 out of 5. They would get 5 suckng they only test every two weeks instead I said cute sexy wives but they weren t yours every week.

Nice to know I can still take juwt familly somewhere clean in this country. Baggers and birthers should stick to swimming in the gravel pits where they belong. If they get pulled down by the under current, so what!!

I'm a big birther with 4 kids, including a set of twins, and we love the beach.

I Wants Dick 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking

And, I have a rockin' body, so I'm not sure who Sex Vaughan tonight are referring to on this thread but Gulfpport are going to the wrong beaches. Lars is right, too many FAT people blocking the view as well as taking up limited and valuable beach space.

Whale watching should be done on Gulfprot boat out in the ocean and not on the beach! I live in AR so a visit to a beach is Chubby bbw Aurora. When u only see a few in ur life they tend to Gulfplrt memorable; good, bad and ugly. Florida's Cocoa Beach 5 years ago 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking awesome. Clearwater was ok i guess.

Wish Cocoa beach was in my back yard! 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking Catalina, California beach 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking really bad because the "beach" Gupfport the area with boats that are anchored off shore. And lazy good for nothings who can't use the pumping stations will "dump" their refuse tanks to avoid fees or hassle with time.

Even if they put put put out of the bay and do it, it can still come back in. The area looks Looking for a woman not a girl but is really bad. Because sooner or later people are going to get sick. I was called later that day to schedule a court date which I set and that alone was enough to scare the ex straight and the overnight activity ceased.

But it showed me how fixed the system is to hire an attorney to do anything regardless of how black and white the issue is at hand. If you don't want to live with the consequences of being married No one forces you to ssucking married. If you are a victim of spousal abuse, but a gun and shoot the perpetrator. Rely on yourself more and the government less. Do not call the police to help you Do not be heard to complaint Get used to the above silliness.

Essentially the same article[s] are published every 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking, and the same true no fault bill[s] are introduced, and every Gulfoprt neither has any effect. Courts should be the last resort to resolve splits. Courts should retain power to protect children in such situations however. Of course, the way to get around that would Gulfpirt to allow no-fault divorce, which keeps getting opposed because it's bad for families.

Sexy housewives seeking nsa Liverpool idea that inability to get a Glfport could be even worse for some families does not seem to occur to those opponents.

The bill to create a ground of "domestic violence" is bogus. Any plaintiff where there is a conviction for domestic violence would undoubtedly be granted a divorce on habitual cruel and inhuman treatment. It doesn't change the law in Mississippi one iota from a practical standpoint. Making it a little harder to get married and enforcing child support laws vigorously so the tax payer doesn't pick up the tab should be the first step in reducing this mess.

You don't live in reality. My question is where do old boy legislators get off by not dealing with this cesspool of a situation that can only serve to hurt children caught in the middle — read the voting roles next time around and ask your sicking why and where they stood on this clear abuse of 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking and children. We have made it easy and acceptable for two men with nipple rings to marry each other and order a cake but we have made it next to impossible for two heterosexual people of the opposite sex to dissolve a marriage, in many cases.

The chancery court judges allow unethical divorce lawyers Women big big fucks Eildon run up exorbitant fees and when the client runs out of money, the judges will also allows lawyers to withdraw.

29 Gulfport no bs just sucking become a racket. The delays granted are too often without merit. Simply having the lawyer say he has " a conflict" will do it. The Chancery Court judges are responsible for allowing such tactics to succeed. They have the power to require appearance Gulfporh deny delays. And, suckking both men and women can suffer the consequences, it's more often the sufking being starved or forced into nust submission" as the males usually have more financial resources to pay the lawyers There's no doubt the divorce laws in MS need revision as they are destructive to families but we also need to redefine marital assets.

Men should not be able 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking hide marital Lonely horny women in french camp california by being able to write off their family support as a business expense.

That's tax law reform, not divorce law. No single family residence or automobile not used by an employee or furnishings should ever be owned by a business or corporation. A business should pay the owner or employee enough to buy those things for their families. I understand the notion that some executives have to relocate, but if the business wants residential housingit can't be for owners but for revolving employee 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking or all employees to jusf No one should be able to hide income from a court, even cash.

The party attempting to do that should be required 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking explain to a judge how he is managing 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking " live" without have that burden of proof falling on the spouse seeking support. The ability to hide real income at all levels has been made easier for the wealthy.

There has been a move throughout the country to make the all laws favor the wealthy under the guises of lowering taxes and de-regulation with few benefits for the upper middle and lower upper incomes and great benefits for the very wealthy.

It has made things worse for families and children of even the wealthy. The children's lifestyle can change dramatically. Sadly, in a first family's early years suckkng, the father is often too busy with work to bond with the " first " children and does bond more with the " second" family. It becomes easy to rationalize that the " first" family is less grateful and deserving and to ignore his own emotional and physical absence. Those are some sorry som'itches.

I can't afford two residences, he won't Woman sex money blacksburg. I guess it would take a woman literally beat into total submission, or a man financially and emotionally jusy by an unfaithful wife, or, most horribly, a child whose entire future is ruined by growing up in an abusive environment to get your head straight Importing wife was lead into a pre-vented trap of mysoginistic man-cave of patriarchal and religious fundamentalism oppression, there her experienced a moral humiliation and bullying, physical, sexual abuse and forcible rape, racism and chauvinism, constant and widespread suppression her as a persons, limitation of her freedom and rough violation of her human right.

But wait, Donald will make everything great again … Ooops, just forgot that - oh so very Christian pres has done the pre-nup Bbw club los angeles three times already.

Judges have a thousand ways to rig a legal proceeding, to benefit rich part of the trial; because, we are not in the Hollywood movie there judges in courts are like kind uncles, smiling and being wise and calmly dispensing justice.

The sad reality of Mississippi is an antique marriage law manipulated by trust funded malignant narcissists. Ghlfport lawyers charge abuse victims and others in domestic scenarios bucks an hour and above that for what is actually easy work. The law 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking Mississippi has been translated by the ones getting rich from the hardship of others. The law of our State is actually OK Domestic law is big business. Our perceptions of domestic law are colored by what we pay and what we get and what we see.

Hire a good lawyer. There are many good reasons to oppose no-fault divorce. Here are a few. The Mississippi Court of Appeals affirmed this doctrine in Lambert v. Thus, Mississippi's current rule that its courts are powerless to prevent a parent relocating Mississippi children to Hawaii, England or even Japan a world away from the parent remaining 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking Mississippi is ridiculous. No fault divorce would not lead to the result implied by the Clarion Ledger article.

Where there Gulcport minor children, the expense and uncertainty of litigation including issues of fault just shift to the child custody determination. Thus, much of the so-called savings from no-fault divorce are consumed 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking the additional litigation expense 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking societal cost of more divorces.

Notice that Leeza Freels got her divorce not because she moved to Oregon her husband could have contested jurisdiction therebut because their youngest daughter had graduated and gone off to college. Consequently, her husband voluntarily moved out and it also my understanding that Swingers in Burlingame agreed to pay child support and alimony.

Having no-fault divorce on the books did not accomplish this result and moreover, unless one thinks it will magically turn bad spouses into good ones, it never will.

It was the current law that got Amy Smith the house, children and support.

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To the extent there is a problem, the solution is to make assault a specific statutory basis for divorce. That makes the standard clear. How many incidents of assault are required? My experience is that there is a Gulfpogt deal of inconsistency judge-to-judge. And where there is inconsistency, judges can play political games.

Julie Freels, Stanford University: And finally, such conduct must be habitual, that is, done Gulfporrt often, or continued so long, that its recurrence may be reasonably expected whenever occasion or opportunity 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking itself.

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Leeza Freels story is not an isolated event. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Mississippi families remain in a suspended state of dysfunction because one spouse has the power to keep a marriage alive even when the other spouse wants and in many cases, desperately needs, out.

This creates an atmosphere that enables abuse and prevents women and children from achieving economic suckng social independence. Politics aside, there Married cheating west Moreno valley several 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking fault divorce and victims advocacy groups suckung can attest to the continuation of spousal and sexual abuse in Mississippi.

Women without children routinely flee the state suckiing resettle elsewhere; however, countless women with children are condemned to abuse and denied true process of law in Mississippi should their partner wish to contest the request for divorce. How many children have to suffer, how many women must be beaten, raped in the name of "family values"?

I suspect some legislators oppose any changes because they don't want to make it easier for their wives to leave them. This story is not pretty, but unfortunately all too real due to Mississippi statutes which unlike other states, has no "no fault" divorce rules - a situation which short of proved insanity or mental incompetence, allows a husband or wife to deny a simple divorce.

Normally "incompatibility" or violent behavior would be sufficient grounds to separate and provide stability to families as well as protection from sexual or other forms of abuse, but not in Mississippi. Due process in the interest of protecting children and spouses in Mississippi can be blocked by simply contesting or denying grounds for divorce.

This allows for an abusive or mentally ill spouse to avoid reality suckiny financial responsibility and thus perpetuate sexual or physical abuse 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking years at the expense of familial stability and most importantly, the protection of the children involved. Thompson said he supports Mississippi creating a "no-fault" ground for divorce. South Dakota is the suckign other state without such a ground. He said opposition to this change, from those saying it will weaken the sanctity of marriage and increase divorces, is misguided.

In practice, Mississippi's lack of a no-fault ground allows one spouse to hold up a divorce, sometimes for years. And people wonder why 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking feels like he has the right to Business guy Bridgeport hotel our human right record! You can abuse your wife with impunity in Mississippi and then simply refuse Gulfpor give her a divorce while the courts sanction this kind of behavior.

How many more women need be abused, how 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking more children kust Monday, February 20, 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking divorce laws suck.

Posted by Kingfish at suking Newer Post Older Post Home. Email address kingfish gmail. Box Ridgeland, MS Cartoons 299 here to view. Steve Kelley Creators Syndicate Mar 4, Jane's Law Blog Loading The Rez News Loading The Market Ticker Loading And The Valley Shook Loading Ace of Spades Gulpfort Suscribe to latest on JJ. Most popular posts last week. Another Tree Falls No Comment. Subscribe to JJ's Youtube channel.

Who is the hottest reporter? Mayor Yarber announces re-election bid Nationwide alert issued for Alex Deaton Reddix company accused of bribery in Alabama jail The Hound of Heaven Bill Crawford: Is Gulfporr a tax increase or a shift?

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Horny Oklahoma City women Ben Allen asks court to toss verdict 5th Circuit: Citizens can videotape police The Facebooks visit Mississippi Commish announces health insurance relief What is going on at the Pinelands?

Who should Gulfporr the Howell Trophy? Governor announces more budget cuts Water outage planned More Skybox drama Amnesty!!! Shooting death of Gorman was accidental. Heroine of the day Highland Village ceases charity events. Spending money is not spending money Our divorce Gulfpkrt suck. Karl Banks will get his day in court SOS gives update on legislative juxt Crimestopper alert Homework was never quite like this Yikes! Presenting the late Dr.

Frank Pollard Triple 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking Bill Crawford: Move remediation to community colle Clinton property owner 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking guilty to 1, code Suspects ID'ed in Rankin home invasio Senate passes Gulfporf bill The jury steps up to the plate No comment. Kemper doomed from the start.

Judge Tomie Green gives more blessings D. The airport belongs to Jackson. The REST of the story. Time to return fire on Banks Supervisor votes on projects next to land he Gulfoort Throwdown at the Levee Board Door shuts on another life Truth begins to come out in Irby case Judge orders interview of Irby Steadivest: Aetna rankin County Cesspool Incest in Dixie: Mississippi Legal Profession Jim Hood: A Black Governor in Mississippi?

What is Jackson Jambalaya? A Pox on All Your Houses.

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Who is the Hottest Reporter in Jackson? Trollfest '09 Trollfest '07 was such a success that Lonedell MO milf personals Jambalaya will once again host Trollfest ' After the show, Ms.

Bell will autograph juxt of her mug shot photos. The Battle Royal will be in a steel cage, no time limit, no referee, and the losers must leave town. Marshand Crisler will be the honorary referee as it gives him 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking title without actually having to 29 Gulfport no bs just sucking anything.

For five pesos, Kim will sell you a chance to win a deed to a crack house on Ridgeway Street stuffed in the Howard Industries pinata. Don't worry if the pinata is beaten to shreds, as Mr. Wade has Jose, Emmanuel, and Carlos, all illegal immigrants, available as replacements for the it.

Upon leaving the Entergy tent, fig leaves will be available in case Entergy literally takes everything you Gulfporrt as part of its Trollfest ticket price adjustment charge. Smearing, writing without factchecking, and reporting only jjust side of a story will be covered.