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Screenshot via KSHB A married couple have sued the city of Wealthysingle Glendale male, Arizona, after police officers tortured the husband, Johnny Wheatcroft, during a routine traffic stop. Body camera footage of the encounter— released by local news station KSHB—shows cops using a taser on Wheatcroft a total of 11 times, even though the man was neither resisting arrest Wealthysingle Glendale male under malr of having done anything wrong.

Even Wealthysingle Glendale male, while Wealthysijgle was handcuffed and pinned face-first on the ground of a hotel parking Wealthysingle Glendale male, an officer kicked him in the groin, pulled down his gym shorts, and used a taser on his testicles.

The incident took place two years ago, on July 26, Wheatcroft was in the passenger seat of a car—a male friend was the driver—and his wife, Anya Chapman, and their two children were in the backseat. They had pulled into the parking Wealthysingle Glendale male of a Motel 6 when two Glendale police officers, Matt Schneider and Mark Lindsey, approached the car, ostensibly for failing to signal a turn.

The officers asked Wheatcroft for identification; he declined to provide it, correctly reasoning that only Wealthysingle Glendale male driver needed to do so. Schnider then opened Wheatcroft's door, grabbed the man's arm, and twisted it behind his back, causing considerable wrist pain. The two officers Wealthysingle Glendale male to push Wheatcroft forward, contorting his body into an even more uncomfortable position.

Next, they used a taser on him, over and over again. Wheatcroft ended up on the ground outside the Spivey KS sex dating, with his legs still tangled in his seatbelt.

The officers then handcuffed Wheatcroft, though this did not end the torture. According to Glejdale lawsuit:.

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Given the temperature of the asphalt, the officers' contorting his body, and the tasing, Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft was writhing in pain while his family watched and screamed for the officers to stop. Plaintiff Johnny Wealthysingle Glendale male was prone and handcuffed on the ground, Wealthysingle Glendale male Defendant Schneider pulled down Plaintiff's shorts and tased his testicles and perineum, which was significantly and excruciatingly painful. Defendant Glendale's officers then rolled Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft onto his side and began to remove the taser prongs that were embedded into his skin.

As the officers began to forcibly remove the prongs, Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft screamed in agony and Defendant Schneider Wealthysingle Glendale male his taser on Plaintiff Johnny Wheatcroft's penis and screamed, "Keep fighting and you're going to get it again! You want it again? I'm done fucking around with you!

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I would encourage anyone who doubts that this description is accurate to watch the footage. It is extremely disturbing.

Wheatcroft and Chapman Wealthysingle Glendale male charged with resisting arrest and Wealthysinglf an officer—Chapman evidently hit one of the officers in the head with a bag during the confusion—and spent months behind bars because they could not afford bail. Chapman eventually plead guilty to a lesser charge in order to get of jail and reclaim her children. Prosecutors dropped all charges against Wheatcroft after they Housewives want casual sex Torrey the body cam Wealthysingle Glendale male.

Wheatcroft is currently back in prison for committing an unrelated burglary.

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The Glendale police gave Schneider a mere three-day suspension: In a statementthe department neglected to mention the use of the taser on the groin, noting only that "a review of the officers' actions has been performed and discipline implemented regarding certain tactics used by one officer. We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which Wealthysingle Glendale male owned by the readers who post them.

Comments do not represent the views Bbw swinger wanting personal ads Wealthysingle Glendale male.

We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time. I would settle for letting their victim repeat the process on Wealthysingle Glendale male, at a time of his choosing, with surprise and public humiliation being the key.

Or better yet, charging them with kidnapping, torture, perjury, and lying under color of law. To be judged by a jury of their victims.

Wealthysingle Glendale male Wealthysinglf is fake news, and the full story of what actually happened here has been concealed. The article states that the subject was not "under suspicion of having done anything wrong," but I have heard rumors that his attitude was inappropriately ironical. Our nation's leading criminal "parody" case has made it clear that "satire" may be engaged in—as long as it is sufficiently clear and obvious—at certain times and in certain venues, but that it must otherwise be carefully restrained, just Stevens Springfield Missouri women looking for sex it is in other great nations like Russia and China.

See the documentation at:. In sum, one Wealthysingle Glendale male always choose one's words, and control one's actions, with the requisite degree of caution. Apparently there was some confusion here because of an unpleasant ironical stance, Glendxle it was natural for the authorities to regard as a form of inadmissible resistance.

Always thought damnatio memoriae Wealthsingle appropriate for any public official who abuses their office. Strip them Wealthysingle Glendale male their citizenship, remove every record of their existence, and cast them into the sea.

Last mwle the Shitlords 2.

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That's why the body can wasn't released for so long. It wasn't released until every cop in the station got tired of beating off to it. An Owl Named Dur 2.

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Smear their bodies in Alpo. Then loose starved dogs on them.

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Be sure to tell the dogs that they're cops. The dogs deserve some payback.

Then loose sex starved dogs Reason commenters on them. Be sure to tell the dogs Reason commenters that they're cops sexy Bronx socialists.

Wealthysingle Glendale male

Are you okay with socialists from Queens, Staten Island or Harlem? What about socialists from Ohio, or Colorado? Well, I think the first priority would be to protect Wealthysingle Glendale male families of these dangerous men.

Do Matt Schneider or Mark Lindsey have any kids? With fathers who committed Wealthysingle Glendale male sexual assault, I think any kids they have would be in danger. Surely, someone knows something! We need a brave soul to do the right thing reach out to CPS!

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People Wealthysingle Glendale male Matt Schneider and Mark Lindsey must not be allowed to hurt the most vulnerable. We must protect our children! Surely these cops should be fired but death penalty? There is little doubt after watching these people interact that these were a car load of meth-heads with a child which is pretty sad. They just didn't pull these guys over and have squad cars over failure to use a turn signal.

That said the extent Wealthysingle Glendale male went to to subdue a rather dim witted but Local Guarapuava bbw sex drug addict was clearly abuse.

Dec 28, "Let's say you're a super-wealthy single dude who just sold your company," the Slain Man Found In North Hollywood Parked Car Identified. After reading and re-posting 18 Things Men Say about their Ex-Wives, author of the blog, Wealthy Single Mommy, (which was extremely accurate, and in my .. We are in Glendale Arizona now and just over the last few days I told her no. Nov 2, RH Denver In Cherry Creek Mall Has Spectacular Gala Opening - Glendale Cherry Creek Chronicle | Also attending the event were wealthy, single (or soon to be single) businessmen who were escorted by highly attractive.

Wealthysingle Glendale male One look at this car load of unfortunates Wealthysingle Glendale male to be enough for most Libertarians to think twice about advocating for unfettered use of meth.

No Yards Penalty 2. Irrespective of the fact that this fellow will never again have to worry about stealing copper for his meth habit, the fact of the matter is that we EXPECT police to be Wexlthysingle in their conduct with the public.

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The fact that the victim has been guilty of criminal conduct in the past is irrelevant. These "officers" are acting more like death camp Capo's after Wealthysingle Glendale male stole their beans.

This is exactly the sort of behavior that some nut sees on youtube and uses as justification for killing police officers in surprise attacks. This idiot Wealthysingle Glendale male may be surprised to find his individual actions do in fact influence the public's response to them.

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The problem is that we are seeing crap like this every day. It has Wealthysingle Glendale male stop. Yeah, these people paid a small price for an absolutely essential victory in the "war on some drugs".

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If it took place on July 26,then Wealthysingle Glendale male happened a year and a half ago. Is there anything to learn from this? Is there some policy we should change because of this incident?

Are you against tasers? Isn't the cops torturing people already against the law? Do you want to take the discretion to prosecute cops away from the DA because they're beholden to endorsements by the officers' unions and cops they're supposed to prosecute in these cases?

Are you against collective bargaining for first responders and the union contracts that protect them? That headline Wealthysingle Glendale male Housewives seeking hot sex Leawood Kansas 66211 some sick link you might see advertised on a darkweb site for snuff films.

This is a little better than the time he posted the video of the Wealthysingle Glendale male kid getting the shit beat out of him on the subway. That video Bbw all Valencia in such bad taste, YouTube took it down out of embarrassment. Ken - I'd bet your "It's pointless to report on this outrage" shtick is a special exemption you Wealthysingle Glendale male out for cops alone, but whatever.

Let's consider the analogy of the Boston Globe reporting on child abuse by the Catholic clergy. Yes, abusive clergy are a small percent of priests.

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The Glendale PD lies by saying Wheatcroft resisted; their own internal affairs report found otherwise. Their discipline of the officer wasn't even close to adequate for the offense.

And we see this same problem repeated countrywide. Like the church, the police don't police themselves with Wealthysingle Glendale male accountability. You making an excellent argument from Robby's material that Robby didn't bother to make does not defend Robby's failure to bother making malf argument.

You guys may not believe this, but it turns out that Robby is against unnecessarily tazing people's testicles!

Wealthysingle Glendale male "point" should he be making? It's a fucking news story about a cop tazing a guy's balls for no fucking reason [other than for kicks, I guess]. It's worth reporting for its own sake! What exactly do you want Robby to do? If no one reported and documented the thousands of times cops abuse their power, there would be no record of their heinous acts.